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Individual Psychotherapy

It may be challenging for you to seek therapy and I really admire your courage to take control of your life. You are a unique identity; hence your life experiences and disturbances deserve help tailored to you.  Sometimes our internal struggle or conflict is driven by basic insecurities over love, loss, and abandonment. Your story matters! Let’s systemically work with all aspects of your story and experiences to build the future you seek.

Adolescents Therapy – Are you experiencing stress or anxiety due to schoolwork, peer pressure, difficult friendships/relationships, etc.? Being a fascinating time of critical growth and development, teen age can also be met with periods of hardship. Together we will create the confluence between you, your amazing teen age and your surroundings. We can work around minimizing or vanishing the gap between real you and your teenage.

Parents of teens, do you find yourself being constantly stressed out and concerned about your teenager’s behavior and future? Do you feel like your conversations are turning into hamster wheel that you would like to stop? I will be happy to work with you to help build the bridge between you and your teenager. Together we can work on recharging your relationship with your teen and download various apps such as compassion, empathic attunement, love, and attachment.

Therapy for Adults – I use the systemic approach while working with an individual. During therapy you are in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. Together we can explore your life situations, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors! We will work through challenges and cooperatively create confluence to build the bridge between the life you want and the life you have. Therapy can be an anchor for an individual, which can guide the person to get in tune with oneself and be grounded with the values one believes in. Let therapy be your anchor to help you gain complete control of your life.
Therapy for Geriatrics – Older adults are the members of earlier born cohorts raised in different sociocultural circumstances. Understanding aging is understanding maturation. Research shows that aging is a positive experience but with some challenges that life presents to adults such as adjusting to chronic illnesses and disabilities, losing loved ones, frequent grieving for others. Older adults have considerable life experience and knowledge of life. As compare to younger adults the social network may shrink with older adults but there is more emotional investment involved in the network. Hence maintaining emotional balance can be the focus of older age. Your story matters! Therapy can help you to achieve the emotional balance and optimize functioning.  

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